Past experience

Our team has been in marketing and advertising for many years with minimum of 10 years of experience, and some of our colleagues and auxiliary experts with 20 years or more. For all that time each of us has built a substantial portfolio of clients and cases. Those are some of the companies and brands, our team members have been working for in the past:

Aroma Cosmetics
Max Telecom
Societte Generale

Portfolio by Clients

You can use the filter buttons bellow to check which clients we’ve performed the respective services for. Clicking on the portfolio items will bring you to the detailed clients’ pages. We’ve build each of the them to be more of a case study, so that you can better understand how we operate, the way we think and what can you expect if you choose to work with us. Bellow every item there is a link to the clients’ own website. We encourage you to check them out – some of them are our creations. Enjoy.