The Argania e-shop Argania is a Bulgarian importer of Moroccan argan and black cumin oils, as well as other natural cosmetic or healthy living products. They work hard to find and provide high value natural products from ecologically pure regions […]


ApolloWine is a Bulgarian wine culture web site with dedicated e-shop. The man behind the site is Dimitar Nikolov. He has more than eight years of experience in the wine industry as a wine buyer, sommelier and wine judge, […]


The Brand Vetrocity is another start-up we nourished. It is an online store focused on selling glass jewelry, glass art and artistic interior accents made of glass. It is founded by Svetlana Gatcheva, who is very passionate about unique products […]

VIA Theatre

The Brand VIA Theatre is a brand of Velimir Velev Phd., a contemporary Bulgarian actor, director, scenographer and associate professor at the Bulgarian Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Under the VIA Theatre brand Velimir has few projects going on […]

El Mari Fashion Atelier

The Brand To be different, stylish and extravagant is in the blood of the fashion designer Mariyana Panayotova. Heritage, transferred for generations, runs through her veins – the women in her family have always had impeccable sense of elegance and […]

Grant Acoustics

The Brand Grant Acoustics is a Bulgarian boutique audiophile studio, creating some of the most amazing audio speakers you have ever heard. All products are entirely hand made, including all speaker parts, like the chassis, the membranes, the magnet systems.. […]

Acrista Art

The Acrista Brand Acrista is the artistic pseudonym of Alexandrina Karadjova, a contemporary Bulgarian artist, who charms the art-lovers with her exquisite, magical and feminine paintings, done in soft pastel and oils for more than 10 years. Called “The artist […]