The Argania e-shop

Argania is a Bulgarian importer of Moroccan argan and black cumin oils, as well as other natural cosmetic or healthy living products. They work hard to find and provide high value natural products from ecologically pure regions with focus on various herbal oils and extracts.

Argania approached us with request to completely rethink and redo their e-shop. It was extremely old, very user (and administrator) unfriendly and quite frankly – ugly. Before doing anything with the web site we had to first pay some attention to their brand identity. Although it was not completely aesthetically unpleasing it did not bear the impression of something naturally beautiful, healthy and pure. That and the fact they did not yet have that many customers, and the damage on brand awareness wouldn’t be that high, we decided we had to redesign the logo and rethink the brand colours. Yet we kept a form of succession by using some of symbols from the old logo and a common composition.

The new Argania brand logo.