The Brand and the Slogan

DL Distribution is a life saver. No seriously, they deliver water and coffee (and other beverages like tea and juices and soft drinks) to offices and homes. Only thing better than that would be opening a hospital. When they chose us as a marketing and advertising services supplier DL Distribution were just a start-up. We were entrusted to come up with a logo and a slogan for them. The logo task wasn’t particularly easy as the name wasn’t very associative. Till this day no one really knows what DL stands for and even though they probably did tell us I still can’t remember :). So yeah, the name wasn’t too suggestive but with the right graphical elements it turned out well. We are quite proud of the slogan though. As I said they are no less than life sustaining company… :)

In the office you can still hear people arguing whether water or coffee are more important to human body’s life functions

The reverse version of the logo

Some Print Materials

Being a start-up they didn’t have much of a budget for producing advertising materials and had to count on other techniques to gather clients. They did good though. Their service was on par with their much bigger competitors and they had the advantage of being fresh and funny, which was to some extent due to our slogan and its implementation. The only print material we designed for them was a products catalog.

The products catalog project design. The actual print files we lost in an unfortunate file server malfunction, but it wasn’t much different

The Delivery Team T-shirt

It says: “Delivery of Life Sustaining Substances WATER COFFEE”. Who wouldn’t love you wearing this?