The Brand

Grant Acoustics is a Bulgarian boutique audiophile studio, creating some of the most amazing audio speakers you have ever heard. All products are entirely hand made, including all speaker parts, like the chassis, the membranes, the magnet systems.. everything. Making a pair of those audio bodies takes months before they are ready to be listened for the first time, and even then they are not ready. As every violinist knows an acoustic musical instrument needs to be played a lot before the parts, especially the wood, starts to “sound right”. The engineers behind Grant Acoustics have been making speakers on commission for almost 30 years, but just recently decided to actually incorporate and start a brand to be associated with.

We were there to help. We created the name, the logo, which as you can imagine, in accordance with the company policy, is also hand-made. We are currently waiting for at least one pair of every product series to be finished so we can organize a photo session and start working on the web site and the product documentation/passports and marketing materials.

The calligraphic (hand-drawn) Grant Acoustics logo

Product Design

The industrial designer we have on our team is also working closely with them on some product designs and various image bearing parts on the bodies of the speakers. Stay tuned for more info as we will be posting here as soon as we have something to show off. :)