Logo Design

In our humble opinion Nikolay Hadjigenov is one of the best lawyers in Bulgaria. He is also socially responsible person with amazing take on civil rights, democracy and law. And if that is not enough he has brilliant sense of humor, which we can never get enough of. He has been our attorney for years now, concerning all business matter, especially copyrights, which is one of his specialities. And, of course, we have been taking care of his visual style. In case you are unaware, Bulgarian law prohibits lawyers from advertising their services, or at least in classical meaning and channels of advertising.

Thus we worked on converting his name into a brand that wears the symbolism of his work and his way of thinking. Everything started with the type face. We were absolutely sure we need a serif style type that looks somewhat modern, yet solid (with thick beams) and elegant (with thin ending serifs). After we found what we were looking for the next step was to add the graphical symbols.

We went for a modern heraldry look to suit the type face, depicting the idea of defense (shield) and justice (scales). That wasn’t enough though… we also wanted to represent the spirit of the law and the fact lawyers, despite what people usually think, are human beings too (not sharks! at all) and that law has a philosophy side, that includes the thoughts and feelings. The heraldic symbols used for this are usually floral elements, so we added a stylish floral finish to our symbolic shield. Last we chose the color scheme. It had to has more serious and classical feel to contrast with the somewhat modern style of the graphical element. We chose the dark oil green and pale lemon green combo.

Logo design for Nikolay Hadjigenov – attorney at law

The reverse version of the logo

Stationery Set Design

After we had the logo done came the stationery set. Cooming soon…