Ikken’s logo

Ikken is the leading Bulgarian martial arts sports club, founded by Shihan Dimitar Angelov. It is the oldest club in Bulgaria with more than 30 years of history. 7 of the current world champions are Ikken’s students and/or members.

Various Promotional and Advertising Materials

In the past most of the promotional materials were done by people who are somehow close to the club. Some of them did great job, but unfortunately there was an incredible lack of consistency in the design and thus in the visual representation of the club. That always leads to lack of effectiveness in communication and, of course, causes problems with brand awareness. Since the beginning of the year we started designing the promo materials for the club. Here are some of them.

A bulk advertising material aimed at schools to promote the club’s activities

This flyer was specifically promoting Ikken’s Summer Camp 2014, featuring Gianfranco Rizzi

Ikken’s discount vouchers