The Brand

Vetrocity is another start-up we nourished. It is an online store focused on selling glass jewelry, glass art and artistic interior accents made of glass. It is founded by Svetlana Gatcheva, who is very passionate about unique products of glass, especially if they are hand-made.

We were commissioned to generate a name for the new business. Svetlana’s passion for glass, and the fact it will be the unifying element for everything she deals with, was a very good starting point. It wasn’t long before we knew every word for glass on any language there is. We had to keep in mind that the main business of the new company will be online and when thinking of a name we have to make sure it is short, easy to say/remember/write, and of course, there should be a free domain for it. Also, she had already picked a name for the company as a juridical entity, so we had to keep that in mind too and try to have the brand name somewhat close to it. What we came up with is a fusion (you will read that word few more times here) between the italian word for glass – “Vetro” and the English word “City”. The combination has a good vibe and it kind of sounds “right” even though it doesn’t have an immediate meaning neither in English, nor in Italian. It also fits the description for the web use and is related to the the company name, which also has “vetro” in it.

Vetrocity’s logo

Packaging design

Soon after the start Vetrocity started not only importing and reselling, but also commissioning products, and recently built their own production studio, making various fused glass products. That led to the requirement of various packaging materials. This particular ones are for custom built bedside lamps. The boxes hold the bases of the lamps and people were encouraged to buy the unique, hand made, shades separately enabling them to change them as often as they liked.

Vetrocity’s lamp base boxes

Product design

Our industrial designers were working with vetrocity’s glass makers to design some beautiful new products, some of them we even commissioned as corporate gifts for other clients of ours. We’ll post more info soon.