Đ•xtraneous Work
These are projects we are involved in as partners. Some of them we engineered from scratch, for others we were just ideologist, but we find them all to be a good cause, deserving your attention. Check them out.

Gifv.me Sights

GMS is a platform for finding and sharing places of interest. The application will allow you to search for interesting sights around you, according to various criteria like distance to you, type of sight (nature phenomenons, historical buildings and places, religious temples, castles, ruins, tombs, etc.), method of transportation (walk, bike, car). It also gives you the option if you know a place, or you happen to discover a new sight (especially if your last name is Croft) to add it in the data base. You can visit the web site or download the app from the iTunes store or the android marketplace for more info.

Gifv.me MyPet

Gifv.me MyPet came as an idea for a tool to ease pet owners in finding their lost pets, or for people who have found lost pets to announce it in a manner that will make recognizing them by their respective owners fast and easy. Also, in the process of designing the app, we decided to enhance it and give the users the option to also list pets for adoption. For example in cases where they’ve found and rescued a pet, or in case it is their own pet and they are unable to look after it any more. Also the app may prove to be an invaluable tool to the pet stores. for more info.