Start-up Marketing and Advertisement Support Offer Start-up Marketing and Advertisement Support Offer
If you have a great idea for a product or service, and you are just starting up your business, we can help you. We know how much work a start-up is and that rarely start-ups have the budget to afford professional marketing and adverting services. We offer you to do it all: advertising plans, brand engineering, visual identity, help you with packaging and distribution, launch campaign, etc, and all of that for a very small fraction of our regular cost. Basically, we’ll take the risk in exchange for a long-term partnership, in case you like us, of course.
Brand Engineering Brand Engineering
You have an idea for an amazing new product? Great! Now is just the right time to call us. We’ll research the market, examine the target audience and come up with the best possible tangible and intangible values to associate with that product, so that together we can turn it into a brand to love.
New Product Development & Implementation New Product Development & Implementation
Starting to lose market share? People no longer find your products compelling as they crave for an innovative solution to change their lives? We can help you come up with the next game changing product or service.
Marketing & Advertising Strategy Development Marketing & Advertising Strategy Development
Now that you have that product let us help you communicate it to the world. We can help you set the marketing policy and goals and build an advertising campaign to achieve those goals. Our advertising team can always find a creative way to win the attention.
Advertising Campaigns Supervision Advertising Campaigns Supervision
It doesn’t matter who came up with the idea as long as it is good. So in case you already have the strategy but you miss the capacity to do all the organizational work and supervise the project – we can help. You can think of us as an auxiliary department of your company.
Events Planning & Execution Events Planning & Execution
We know how important live contact is and if the circumstances suggest it are always happy to generate ideas for memorable live experiences for your potential or current customers, partners and employees.
User Experience Improvement User Experience Improvement
It is not enough to have the solution to a problem. It also needs to be an elegant solution that is easy to use. We can test your product or service or interview those who use it and give you valuable insight on what can be made better.
Interface Usability Optimization Interface Usability Optimization
If you already have a working interface to your product or service we can test and see if it really leaves that warm feeling when things just work so well, that it almost feels like a natural extension of the user’s will. If it doesn’t – we’ll fix it.
Interactions Design Interactions Design
Whether we talk about a live person-to-person contact or a human-computer interaction, we won’t settle down until we’ve designed the most smooth, intuitive and ergonomic way to engage your audience.
Rent-A-Brain Rent-A-Brain
This is the perfect solution in cases where you have a temporary human resource problem, or for seasonal or one-time projects, where hiring another employee is just not an option. Any time you need one or more extra team members or you just feel stuck and in need of some fresh ideas – call us to see if we have a professional we can lend to you.